membership etiquette & guidelines

Guest Policy

We encourage our members to bring guests and introduce them to the club. Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center reserves the right to require all guests to complete a guest registration card and present valid ID. Each guest must:

  • Pay the one-day guest fee of $20
  • Be at least 15 years of age; all guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult member
  • Sign a waiver and release of liability
  • Guests residing within 25 miles of Lake Forest are limited to six guest visits per calendar year
  • Limited-time memberships are available for guests of members living more than 25 miles outside of Lake Forest; please see a membership advisor for details

Age Restrictions

Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center is a family-friendly club. Membership is limited to those 18 years of age or older. Family membership options are available for children or dependents ages 15 to 22 with the sponsorship of a parent or legal guardian member.

Membership Bridge

Members may request that their membership be placed on hold, or "bridge", with the following restrictions:

  • Any requests to bridge a membership must be submitted on a membership change form available at the front desk or from the Membership Department. All requests must be submitted by the first of the month.
  • Memberships may not be downgraded at the time of a bridge request. Requests for bridging a membership may be honored for temporary relocation and extenuating circumstances; all are subject to Membership Director's approval.

  • Membership must be bridged for a minimum of two months and may not exceed six months. Bridging during June, July or August is allowed for only extenuating circumstances along with the approval of the Membership Director. One-third of the monthly dues will be charged during the bridge period.

  • If one person on a couple's membership is placed on a bridge, the remaining member pays the regular individual dues rate.

  • Dependent memberships may be dropped at the start of a bridge and added back on at the conclusion of a bridge without a change of record fee. If a change to the dependent membership is made after the conclusion of the bridge, a change of record fee will be charged.

  • Use of the club is prohibited during a bridge; however, members may pay a reduced guest fee for up to two visits per month and a full guest fee for additional visits during that same month.

Medical Hold

Members may request that their membership be placed on medical hold with the following restrictions:

  • A written note from your physician stating the reason for the medical hold request is required to begin the medical hold.
  • To release the hold, a written note from your physician stating you are approved to return to the club is required.
  • Medical holds begin on the first of each month and conclude on the last day of each month. You may not begin or end your hold mid-month. Retroactive account adjustments are not permitted.
  • Effective June 1, 2012, retroactive account adjustments are not permitted.
  • If one person on a couple's membership is placed on a medical hold, the remaining member pays the regular individual dues rate.
  • Use of the club is prohibited during an approved medical hold period.

Cancellation of Membership

To cancel membership, members must complete a cancellation form with the Member Relations Coordinator or a membership advisor at least 30 days prior to cancellation date. Cancellations are effective the last day of the month and cannot be prorated. Cancellations received on or after the first of the month will be processed at the end of the following month. Verbal notice of cancellation, either in person or by phone, is not valid and does not stop the accrual of monthly dues.

Membership ID Card/Key Tag and Replacement

All members are required to present membership cards/key tags upon entrance. Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center membership cards or key tags that are lost or stolen will be replaced by member services for an additional fee. The fee for replacement is due upon ordering your card. ID cards are non-transferable.

For questions about your membership that are not addressed here, please contact us at (847) 535-7000.




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