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As you've seen in our Pilates Tip of the Month, the strengthening exercises of Pilates result in more than just a toned body. Pilates is equally great for athletes, individuals just starting out in their fitness routine and those with specific issues, such as arthritis.

You’ll find many ways to integrate Pilates Training into your workout at Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center, including:

Meet Our Pilates Trainers

The Pilates trainers at Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center are experienced practitioners and specialize in using the Pilates Reformer to create a sleek and toned body.

Meet Our Pilates Trainers and find a trainer that best matches your abilities and needs.

Pilates Group Exercise Classes

For our most accessible Pilates offerings, join one of our Pilates Mat Group Exercise Classes. The class incorporates a series of mind-body exercises evolving from the principles of Joseph Pilates to increase core strength, balance and flexibility.

Learn more about our Pilates Mat Group Exercise classes.


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