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Correct Common Habits That Can Lead to Muscle Imbalances

When we overuse and underuse muscles, compensation patterns result. Muscles remember motor patterns that we use and do them automatically. The result? Overused muscles can become tight, inflamed and irritated—while underused muscles become weak.

Here are some common habits and tips to stay well-balanced.

  • Always leading with your dominant side when climbing stairs. Pay attention to your stair climbing and descending habits. Try to alternate your legs each time you climb and descend stairs.
  • Carrying bags on the same shoulder. Do you carry everything (such as bags, purses, children and groceries) on the same side of your body? Identify which shoulder you use more for carrying and work on switching sides. Lighten up your load when carrying groceries by taking more than one trip to and from your vehicle.
  • Using the same hand when holding items. When holding items like a toothbrush, hair dryer, wallet, or phone, notice which hand you usually use. Try switching hands. This will challenge your brain as well as your body and help create new motor patterns.
  • Putting all of your weight on one leg while standing. Putting all of your weight on one leg while standing can create imbalances. Try standing with your legs hip-width apart and closing your eyes. Slowly shift your weight from left to right. If one side feels more stable than the other, work on improving your balance on the less-dominant side.

For more tips on balance while exercising, talk to one of our Fitness Specialists or contact us.

Source: Ace Fitness Resources for Professionals


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