Zone Training

When you are training, the best way to get results is to get in your target heart rate zone. And getting into better shape does not have to be a lonely or slow activity—it should be fun!

Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center's new training program, Zone Training, focuses on strength training and endurance in a group setting. Keep track of your heart rate using the Polar H7 heart rate monitor while your trainer challenges you and monitors your zone.

Using a heart rate monitor helps quantify your efforts and encourages you to see exactly how much you are improving. Plus, training in a group setting will open your mind to new training ideas and keep you connected to people who are trying to reach the same goals.

So are you ready to get in the zone this fall? Cost is $25 per class. Registration at the front desk is required. First-time participants, contact Kristina Simone at or (847) 535-7038 to get set up with a free Polar H7 Heart Rate monitor for your first class or to learn more about our fall class schedule.


$17 Enrollment

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